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Supportive Guidance And Practical Representation In Pennsylvania Divorce

Going through a divorce is often mentally and emotionally taxing. Most people trying to cope with the end of their marriage are not well-situated to make good decisions on financial and practical matters. Yet, the outcome of your divorce could impact your financial health for years to come. Therefore, you need an attorney who can serve as a levelheaded adviser as well as an empathetic advocate.

In Cranberry Township and surrounding areas, you can find the help you’re looking for at Sinatra & Istik Law Office, PLLC. Our attorneys are warm and personable as well as legally knowledgeable. They have more than 35 years of combined legal experience and provide personalized representation to every client. They are ready to guide you through all aspects of your divorce.

Dividing Assets And Protecting Your Financial Future

Pennsylvania follows the “equitable distribution” model for asset division in divorce. This means that all assets considered to be marital property are to be divided equitably (which is not always the same as a 50-50 split). While that may seem straightforward, things become more complex with certain high-value assets, including:

  • Each spouse’s retirement account(s)
  • The marital residence and other real estate
  • A closely held business
  • Vehicles
  • Investments, trusts and stock options

All marital assets will need to be appraised, but that can present its own issues. Values can greatly appreciate or depreciate over time, and each asset has its own tax implications.

The reassuring news is that our attorneys are highly experienced in all aspects of property division. They will work with you to determine which assets are most important to you and prioritize them during negotiations or litigation. If one spouse is a business owner, we will work to preserve the health of that business and to accurately assess its value so that the other spouse is adequately compensated for their stake in it.

Additional Financial Considerations In Divorce

The goal of marital property division is to ensure that each spouse takes their fair share of assets, but this process alone isn’t always sufficient to make up for financial disparities inherent in the marriage or created by the divorce. While less common than it once was, spousal support (alimony) is still awarded in many Pennsylvania divorces. If you have children, child support payments will likely be a continuing financial obligation for one parent. We discuss both in greater detail on our spousal and child support page.

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