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Answers And Advice Without Judgment

Family Law Attorneys Who Care About You – Not Just Your Case

Of all the legal issues the average person might encounter, perhaps nothing feels as personal as a family law matter. You are being asked to make major decisions about your future while also grieving the end of a marriage or worrying about your children. The family law attorney you hire should be able to empathize with your difficult circumstances while also helping you find practical solutions that will protect your short-term and long-term interests.

When you contact Sinatra & Istik Law Office, PLLC, that’s exactly what you can expect. Our two attorneys have more than 35 years of combined legal experience, and they offer personalized attention and advocacy to each client. You’ll never be just a number at our law office. Instead, you’ll work directly with an experienced lawyer who cares about what you’re going through and wants to help you choose the best path forward.

Offering A Wide Range Of Family Law Services

Our attorneys are ready to provide support and guidance as they help you address any family law issues you may be facing, including:

We understand that each family is different, and each client has their own unique needs. That’s why we tailor our services to you, whether that is help with a single legal matter, comprehensive representation or something in between.

Addressing Domestic Violence Accusations In Your Family Law Case

Allegations of domestic violence are necessarily going to play a significant role in divorce and custody proceedings. Because our attorneys represent clients in both family law and criminal defense matters, they understand how these areas of law intersect and how developments in one area could impact the other.

Whether you are a survivor of domestic violence or feel you’ve been wrongfully accused, you can trust our family law attorneys to listen to your concerns and protect your rights as they help you exercise all available legal options.

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From our office in Cranberry Township, Sinatra & Istik serves clients throughout the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. We invite you to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs and learn how our attorneys can help you. To get started, call 412-557-7647 or submit an online contact form.