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Most parents are distressed by the prospect of losing significant time with their children as a result of a divorce or the end of a romantic relationship. Understandably, child custody proceedings tend to be the most stressful issue in family law.

If you find yourself worried about protecting your kids and your relationship with them, a good family law attorney can provide much-needed reassurance and help you seek the most favorable outcome for your family. In Cranberry Township and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, you can find the help you are seeking at Sinatra & Istik Law Office, PLLC. Our two dedicated family law attorneys offer personalized attention, knowledgeable guidance and a strong track record of success on behalf of other clients who have been where you are today.

Types Of Custody And How They Are Awarded

Pennsylvania courts recognize both legal and physical custody. Legal custody is a parent’s right to make major decisions on behalf of their child, typically regarding matters like religious practices, education and medical care. Physical custody refers to when and how often each parent will be with the child.

When custody is contested, judges are obligated to issue custody orders based only on the best interests of children. In many cases, courts find that keeping both parents involved serves those interests. Therefore, it is common for both parents to have equal legal custody and to share physical custody – though not always equally.

Awarding sole custody to one parent is somewhat rare, but it can happen when there is a compelling reason to significantly limit contact with one parent.

Negotiated Agreements Often Work Best For All Involved

If you and your co-parent are on relatively amicable terms and can negotiate with one another, there are many benefits to creating an agreement together in consultation with your respective attorneys. No one knows your family better than you do. As such, a negotiated agreement is often much more detailed and gives both parents more control over the outcome. This option also reduces stress for parents and children alike and fosters a more cooperative co-parenting relationship.

A judge will issue a custody order if custody is in dispute and no other resolution is available. However, judges generally prefer to approve parent-negotiated agreements rather than make such important decisions on their own.

Attorneys Ready For Whatever Your Case Requires

Our child custody attorneys have more than 35 years of combined experience. They are equally skilled in both negotiation and litigation. Because negotiation tends to produce better results with less stress, this is often the recommended initial strategy. If negotiation is unsuccessful or is simply not possible, they will be ready to vigorously advocate for you and your children in the courtroom.

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Our attorneys are committed to protecting your parental rights and safeguarding the well-being of your children. The best way to learn about how Sinatra & Istik can help you is to schedule an initial consultation at our office in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. To get started, call us at 412-557-7647 or reach out online.