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Seek Skilled, Sensible Legal Help After A Pennsylvania DUI Arrest

Each year in Pennsylvania, tens of thousands of drivers are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, drugs or both. It is a common crime that can occur by accident, yet it carries serious consequences for conviction.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Cranberry Township or surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, contact Sinatra & Istik Law Office, PLLC, for knowledgeable guidance and skilled defense representation. Our two attorneys have more than 35 years of combined legal experience, and they offer judgment-free representation designed to minimize your stress and resolve your charges in the most favorable manner available.

Factors Impacting Your Charges And Potential Consequences

It’s important to understand what you’re up against if you were arrested for drunk driving. In Pennsylvania, DUI charges and related sentences will be influenced by the following factors:

  • Whether it is your first offense or a repeat offense
  • Your measured blood alcohol content (BAC)
  • Whether you refused a chemical test
  • Whether you are of legal drinking age or are under 21 years old
  • Whether you are a commercial driver and were pulled over while driving your work vehicle
  • The presence of any controlled substances in your body (drug DUI)
  • Whether you were involved in a car accident with injuries or were caught driving with a minor aged 14 or younger in the vehicle

While the penalties will vary by case, most convictions can result in jail time, expensive fines and suspension of your license (and commercial driver’s license). This is in addition to noncriminal consequences like higher insurance rates and potentially losing your job.

It Is Possible To Successfully Contest DUI Charges

You were pulled over and failed a BAC test. Does that mean your case is open-and-shut? Not necessarily. An experienced attorney can examine all the details of the police report and other documents to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Did the police have a valid reason to pull you over? Were there problems with the way field sobriety tests were conducted? Was the breathalyzer device experiencing calibration issues that affected the accuracy of the results? These are all questions that our lawyers will ask, and their answers could change the trajectory of the case. Prosecutors want you to believe that you must plead guilty, but they are acting in the state’s best interests – not yours. Don’t decide you are out of options before speaking to a knowledgeable defense attorney.

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