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Put An Experienced Attorney On Your Side When Facing Domestic Violence Charges

It is both scary and consequential to be accused of committing domestic violence. Allegations alone can be enough to damage your reputation or jeopardize your job. Formal charges threaten your freedom and could impact many other aspects of your personal life.

In Cranberry Township and surrounding areas, the firm to contact for criminal defense help is Sinatra & Istik Law Office, PLLC. Our two attorneys have more than 35 years of combined legal experience. They provide judgment-free representation designed to protect your rights and help you resolve your charges in the manner that best meets your needs and goals.

How Pennsylvania Criminal Laws Address Domestic Violence

In Pennsylvania, domestic violence is not a distinct crime. Instead, a person would be charged with the specific offense they were accused of (assault, stalking, false imprisonment, etc.). What distinguishes domestic violence from other types of violence is the relationship between the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator.

This relationship doesn’t necessarily mean a person will face harsher criminal penalties than if they were accused by a stranger. However, domestic violence allegations are likely to be more consequential in other areas of life. The accused may be forced out of their home by a protection from abuse order prohibiting contact with the alleged victim. Domestic violence allegations can also result in other noncriminal penalties, described below.

Domestic Violence Allegations Can Impact Other Areas Of Your Life

It is hard to find accurate statistics on the percentage of false domestic violence allegations. However, they do occur, and they can be very harmful to the accused. One well-known motivation for making false allegations is to gain an advantage in divorce and child custody disputes.

Regardless of whether the allegations against you are completely false or overblown, they can greatly damage your reputation and jeopardize your chances of a fair custody ruling. Working with an experienced attorney who will vigorously contest the accusations and protect your personal and parental rights is critical. Our lawyers practice both criminal defense and family law, which means they have the knowledge and skill to represent you on either or both fronts.

There Are Potential Defense Strategies Available

Often, domestic violence allegations are a “he said, she said” situation. There may be little evidence other than the words of the two involved parties. In such cases, it is often possible to argue that the allegations are false or exaggerated based on a loud verbal argument in which both parties were behaving the same. Self-defense or protection of another person can also be an effective defense strategy.

Our attorneys will carefully examine the details of your case to help you understand all of your legal options. It is wise to seek legal help immediately to give yourself the best chance of a successful defense.

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